Born:                          Boston, MA
Exhibitions:             2016             Gridspace, Brooklyn, NY
                                 2011             The Glass Factory Museum, Boda, Sweden
                                 2007             Corrider Gallery,Rekjavik, Iceland
                                 2001             Buchmann Gallery,Cologne, Germany
                                                      Roger Smith Gallery, New York, NY
                                 2000             Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden
                                 1999             Corridor Gallery, Reykavik, Iceland                               
                                 1998             Andre Buchmann Galleri, Cologne, Germany                               
                                 1997             Bravin Post Lee Gallery, New York, NY                                                      1996 Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden       
                                 1994             Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
                                 1994             Bravin Post Lee Gallery, New York, NY
                                 1990             Tibor De Nagy Gallery, New York, NY
                                 1986             Tibor De Nagy Gallery, New York, NY
                                 1984             Tibor De Nagy Gallery, New York, NY
Exhibitions:             2016           “Solar Vortex”, Geoff Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA
                                                    “The Soiled Garden”, Buddy Warren Gallery, NY, NY
                                                    “Introspection”, BravinLee Projects, NY, NY
                                                    “HeadSpace”, Morris-Warren Gallery, New York, NY
                                 2015            “Painting In Trees”, The Peoples Park, Brooklyn,
                                                    “Bittersüße Zeiten, Barock und Gegenwart” Werke aus der   S                                                   ØR Ruhr Sammlung Oelde/Berlin”, Museen Der Stadt,      A                                                   Aschaffenburg, Germany
                                 2014             “Improvised Showboat”, NAICA, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Zachary Keating and Lauren Britton
                                 2012`            “Grand Point Weird”, Grand Point Festival, Burlington, Vt
                                 2011             “New Year, New Work, New Faces”, Storefront Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn,                       curated by Deborah brown and Jason Andrew
                                 2010             “See Through”, Islip Museum  Of Art, Islip, NY, curated By Karen Shaw
                                                    “Berlin Art Fair”, Berlin, Germany, Buchmann Galerie
                                                    “Glass Weekend”, Creative Glass Center Of America, Millville, NJ
                                 2007             “Ho Hum All Ye Faithful”, BravinLee Projects, New York, New York
                                                    “Affect/Effect-Adventures In Glass”, Museum Of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA
                                 2006             “Horizon Line With A Monument”, Buchman Galleri, Berlin, Germany
                                                    “Painting”, Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm Sweden
                                 2005             “Yankee Love and Latin Doodle”, Galleri Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany              2003     “Art Walk Benefit Auction”, Custom House, NY, NY                                                                2001                                           “To Be A Mirror” – Eugene Binder Gallery, New York, NY
                                 2000             “Gangurin The Corridor” Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland                       1998     “Composite Modular” - Central Fine Arts Gallery, NY, NY                                                                                                          “Humanoid”- Genvese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston, Mass, curated by                                      Nancy Rielle                                                                       1997                                           “Flight #20/ Spin Off” - 21 Murray St.,NY, NY - curated by Wolf                                                 Dieter-Stoffelmier                                                                                                                                                1996     “Realism After 7.00 AM” - Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY curated                                               by Richard Millazzo                                                                                                                        “Referencing Innocence/Not” - Weingart Galleries, Occidental                                                                                                       College, Los Angeles, Ca
                                 1995             “Small Works” - Adam Baumgold Fine Art, NY,NY                                                          “Its Only Rock And Roll-Currents In Contemporary Art”-                                                                                                                   curated by Tucson Museum of Art; travels to 12 museums
                                 1994             “Dyad” - Sauce, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Annie Herron
                                                    “Paintings and Unrelated Stories” - Mustard, Brooklyn, NY,
                                 1993             “Medium Messages” - Wooster Gardens, NY, NY, curated by Vic                                                                 Muniz
                                 1992             “Small, Really Small, Tiny” - Stiebel Modern, NY, NY               
                                 1991             “Against the Grain - Images of American Art 1960-1990”
                                                    Southern Allegheny Museum of Art, Loretto, PA
                                                    “New York Collection” - Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo, N.Y.
                                                    “Art on Paper” - University of North Carolina, Weatherspoon
                                                    Gallery, Greensboro, NC
                                                    “P.S. 122 - 12th Anniversary Show”, P.S. 122 Gallery, NY, NY
                                 1990             “Summer Selections” - Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, NC
                                                    “Inaugural Exhibition” - Sylvia Schmidt Gallery, New Orleans, LA
                                 1989             “Tribute to Tibor De Nagy” - Butler Institute of American Art,
                                                    Youngtown, Ohio
                                 1988             “Art and the Law” - West Publishing Corp., St. Paul,
                                                    MN; Toronto Civic Center, Toronto, Canada; Virginia
                                                    Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA; Rose Art Museum,
                                                    Brandeis University
                                 1987             “The Right Foot” - San Francisco International Airport,
                                                    San Francisco, CA - curated Elsa Cameron
                                                    “Short Stories” - One Penn Plaza, NY, NY, curated by Judd Tully
                                 1985             “Manifestations of the Figure” - Tibor De Nagy Gallery, NY, NY
                                 1984             “Rapturist Painting Exhibition” - P.S. 122, NY, NY
Grants And                  2011             Glass Factory Museum Residency, Boda, Sweden
Residencies                  2007             Rockefeller Grant, UrbanGlass, New York, New York
                                 2006             Hauberg Research Fellowhip, Pilchuck Glass School
                                 2003             Mellon Foundation Grant for New Sculpture In Glass
                                 1998             Tiffany Foundation Nominee
                                 1987, 1984, 1983 - Vermont Council on the Arts Grant to Individual         
                                                    Artists: Painting
                                 1979             Ford Foundation Grant- Skowhegan School
Bibliography                2017             “Audio Interview” Magic Praxis Podcasts, Clarity Haynes and Kate Hawes
                                 2011             “New Glass Review”, Corning Museum Of Glass
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                                 1985             “Jim Butler at Tibor De Nagy” - ARTS Magazine, Kirsten Powell,
Visiting Artist           2016             University Of Nebraska-Lincoln
And Critic                                      Pace University
                                 2015               F.A.T.E. National Conf. Paper “Architectural Investigation As A
                                                    Foundational Idea Gate”
                                 2012             G.A.S. National Conf., Panelist in “What Does The Term Glass Artist Mean”
                                 2008             University Of Nebraska-Lincoln
                                 2007             The Icelandic College of Art and Craft, Reykjavik, Iceland
                                 2005             Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, WA
                                 2002             SUNY Albany MFA Program
                                 2001             Maryland Institute of Art                                    
                                 1999             The Icelandic College of Art and Craft, Reykjavik, Iceland             
                                 1992             Adelphi University, N.Y.
                                 1989             San Francisco Art Institute, CA
                                 1988             Occidental College
                                 1988             Rhode Island School of Design
                                 1987             New York Studio School
Education:               1980            M.F.A. Indiana University, Bloomington
                                 1978            B.F.A. Rhode Island School of Design
                                 1979            Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
                                 1977            Yale Norfolk Summer School of Painting and Music
Teaching:                 1981 -present -  Middlebury College, Professor of Art, (Chair 1999-2003, 2011-‘13;
                                                     Co-Chair, 2015-17)
                                  2007            Instructor, Pilchuck Glass School
                                 1995-96      Visiting Professor of Drawing, Rhode Island School of Design